Pairing forward thinking intellectuals
with high-growth life science companies.
Pairing forward thinking
intellectuals with high-growth
life science companies.

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TechFind, Inc. is a focused search firm specializing in the biotechnology, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries. For over 30 years, we have assisted companies in the United States and globally to locate, acquire, and retain the highest levels of scientific and engineering human capital. Based in the Boston area, TechFind is well versed in the needs of this specialized life science and technology marketplace.

To recruit the best and the brightest, we don’t wait for talented candidates to come to us, we go directly to them. Since 1989, we have built our network and are able to go straight to the source. Only those that match your specific criteria are showcased. Our staff has the experience and the technical background to find you the right candidate with the exact skills and aptitude you require.

At TechFind, we pride ourselves on fostering long-term client relationships. Personal service, high integrity, and stringent confidentiality form the foundation for that partnership. Our track record demonstrates our ability to quickly identify and rigorously screen potential candidates. For successful placements, two-way communication is paramount. As our client, you will always be kept informed of relevant updates throughout the entire search process.

We’re here for you. When the next hire is critical... TechFind, Inc. will make it happen.


As a full-service search firm specializing in highly technical and scientific executive and senior placements, TechFind, Inc. custom fits client job requirements to the most talented and well-suited candidates.

A personal background in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical devices coupled with a broad network of contacts throughout the Life Science community is our hidden advantage. An advantage TechFind extends to you.

Our superior reputation in performing executive job searches stems from developing deep, committed client relationships centered around four key operating principles:

Client Focused
You, the client, come first. Your needs, requirements and satisfaction – Always.

We strive to host an honest and direct dialogue with both our clients and our candidates.

Proper and timely communication is vital to the placement process. It’s an area in which we are confident to say, we excel.

We constantly work to challenge the search status quo, be proactive, and anticipate our client’s executive recruitment needs. Today, finding the precise talent you deserve demands creative, out-of-the-box thinking. There are many paths to achieve that end and we continue to search for even more.

Teamwork and Partnership
We partner with our clients to make the placement process pain-free, efficient, and time- effective. We find taking time to precisely understand our client’s needs, help them to fine-tune their hiring criteria, and encourage timely feedback, escalates exponentially our ability to locate, analyze, and match qualified candidates.

Best of all, you have our assurance TechFind stands behind every search. Client focused, time-conscious, and connected, TechFind is the smart choice when getting it done is the only solution..

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TechFind strives to make the process of finding or replacing key personal as easy and pain-free as possible. Your time is valuable... we get that. That’s why our search protocol is designed to place the load squarely on our shoulders, not of yours.

Services TechFind offers include:

  • Retained Search
  • Contingency Search
  • Contract Recruiting (off-site)
  • Job Description Preparation
  • Salary Surveys
  • In-Depth Due-Diligence on Candidates

All searches are executed with a high-degree of sensitivity and confidentiality. We know you expect nothing less. Meticulous research, evaluation, and vetting of each candidate based on your specific criteria are always done with the utmost respect... for you and the candidate.


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Phone: (508) 647-0111